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Rollover Advisors MA offers a variety of services:

401k Rollovers
An IRA Rollover is when an individual has seprated from service from their employer and their 401k, 403b, or other employer-sponsored retirement plan assets (Roth or Traditional) are still in the plan and the investor would like to bring those assets into their own IRA.*

IRA Transfers
An IRA Transfer is different from a Rollover. A Transfer occurs when an individual investor has an IRA (Roth or Traditional) that is NOT with an employer-sponsored retirment plan, but is with an IRA Custodian, for example: a bank, with an investment company, or brokerage firm.*

Wealth Management
Many people do not have the time or the expertise to properly manage investments in this increasingly complex financial environment. Stocks. Bonds. Cash. Mutual Funds, ETF's. Alternative Investments. What is a suitable way to structure an investment portfolio for the aggressive investor? The downside-risk aware investor? The investor seeking maximum income? The Tax-Aware Investor? Our wealth management team and group-practice business model offers wealth advisors ready to serve the needs of the $100,000 client as well as the $10,000,000 client. Whether you're seeking advice with your individual portfolio, or an endowment for your non-profit organization, we can provide the experience, platform, and individual service to manage your needs. 

Retirement Income Planning
Prudential Financial defines the period 5 years prior to, through 5 years after retirement, as the Retirement Red Zone. This is the critical period where investors face the most risk to a downside event to their retirement portfolio. On September 29, 2008, the DJIA had a record drop of 777.68 with a close at 10,365.45. The DJIA hit a market low of 6,443.27 on March 6, 2009, having lost 54% of it's value since the October 9, 2007 high1. Many investors at the doorstep of retiring in 07 and 08 were devastated! Although working with an advisor may not provide positive results, it may provide a worthy alternative to the do-it-yourself approach.; Unites States Bear Market of 2007-09.

Asset Preservation
Asset Preservation may mean different things to different people. One might consider their ability to earn money as an asset worth protecting, which means life insurance might be the appropriate tool. Another person might consider their 403(b) that they just rolled over as their asset that they want to provide an income stream. We have several appropriate investments vehicles that you may want to consider. Another person may have an estate with multiple asset classes, such as investments, real estate, collectibles, business entities, and so on, that would likely require the professional assistance of an estate planning attorney. Whatever assets you may have that you want to help preserve, we can help you analyze and evaluate what approach would appropriately suit your needs.

Special Needs Planning
Our team of financial planning professionals works with many diverse clients and families. It is not uncommon that our clients have children or grandchildren with special needs. In fact, some of our advisors have first-hand experience with special needs children and the focus and care required to provide an adequate quality of life. If you are a parent or a grandparent of a child with special needs, we would be happy to talk, listen, and help guide you with an appropriate plan of action to help you provide for the financial needs of your loved one with special needs.

Pension Benefit Strategies
A fortunate few of us retire with an employer-sponsored pension. Your pension benefit is usually based on a combination of your Age, your Years of Service, and average Salary. Your employer will also provide you with 'single life' income figures, and 'joint life', if you are married. Sometimes the employer option of including the survivor-ship benefit to your spouse is the right way to go, but not always! Whether you take "Option A" or "Option C" takes some due-diligence financially-speaking. We can help you look at it from all directions.

401k / Employer Plans

401(k) Plans are often the only vehicle employees have to save for their own retirement - and there are many different flavors. It's important to understand what vendors and investments are appropriate to use for cost effective strategies, and provide a dynamic plan design customized to suit company goals. We quarterback all of these moving parts on behalf of our clients - and make sure the plan is in a position to be successful throughout the years to come.

*Rollovers or transfers may not be suitable for all investors. You should compare your current and prospective account's services and features before making a transfer or rollover decision.
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